Best Laptops for IT Professionals in 2022

As the internet is expanding its horizons, it has become mandatory to have a laptop. Not only such machines are easier to operate; they can be carried anywhere without any worry. The purpose is to make your business run smoothly. Definitely, selecting a best laptop has become more of a tedious task as numerous machines are available in the market. At the time of buying a laptop, you should be careful enough to check its durability, storage, battery life, and other important specifications. Everyone wants that their laptop should be effective enough to do official tasks within much less time like presentations, saving a huge amount of data, drafting reports, or making excel sheets.

Today, there are various companies making end number of promises about the capability of their laptops. But, it is up to you to find out the best one as per your requirements. Indeed, you should ensure that the laptop should have excellent features to make your task get completed quickly. Besides selecting the type of laptop, it is necessary to check the price that fits your budget too. Moreover, the laptop should have the ability to support the latest technology as well. This will enable you to handle as many official tasks as possible on your laptop which saves time. Below mentioned are some of the Best Laptops For IT Professionals.

# Product Rating Price
1 Apple MacBook Pro 3/5  View on Amazon
2 HP Envy 15 3/5  View on Amazon
3 HP Omen 15 3/5  View on Amazon
4 Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 3/5  View on Amazon
5 Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 3/5  View on Amazon
6 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 3/5  View on Amazon
7 Dell XPS 13 3/5  View on Amazon
8 Apple MacBook Air 3/5  View on Amazon
9 Acer Swift 3 3/5  View on Amazon
10 Acer Chromebook Spin 713 3/5  View on Amazon
11 Asus ZenBook 13 3/5  View on Amazon
12 HP Spectre X360 14 3/5  View on Amazon

We Will Discuss in Detail About Best Laptops for IT Professionals in 2022:

1. Apple MacBook Pro

This sleek laptop from the “House of Apple” is a powerhouse of a performance. Being powered by Apple’s silicon named M1; it has the ability to give extended battery life. So, you can work more without having to worry about charging the laptop. The excellent design and features of Apple’s MacBook Pro have managed to gain immediate attention as soon as entering the market. Its 2.8X CPU, 5X graphics speed, 11X faster machine learning, 20 hours of battery life, and 13-inch screen are some of the plus points that make the Apple MacBook Pro be on the top spot.


  • Excellent battery life
  • High-end performance
  • Brilliant display and sound quality


  • Just 2 USB ports

2. HP ENVY 15

As an excellent laptop for content creating professions in the IT sector, HP Envy 15 has been designed with a power-packed configuration and an exclusive IPS display. Besides this, the laptop comes with an Intel Turbo Boost technology that enhances its overall performance.  Indeed, the display is brilliant enough to give a clearer picture of the graphics and other aspects. It comes with a 15.6-inch screen that enhances the display quality as well. The 14-hour battery backup makes it worthy enough to be used for a longer time.


  • Great design
  • High-quality video editing


  • Keyboard surface may get hot
  • No charging via USB

3. HP Omen 15

Manufactured for the brilliant content creation and gaming experience, HP Omen 15 is packed with features. Its super cooling system keeps the machine cool that adds to the life of the laptop as well. The full HD resolution of the laptop makes it worthy to get clearer images. Not to forget that this laptop has 12.5 hours of long-lasting battery. This means that you can continue attending meetings for a long time without worrying about battery fail. Besides such wonderful features, HP Omen has exceptional audio quality by Bang and Olufsen.


  • Brilliant cooling system
  • Good upgradable properties
  • Great gaming experience


  • Sharp edges
  • Lid wobbles and flexes

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

It is an ideal mean machine with great performance, excellent features, and flexibility of usage. Certainly, this laptop comes with a touchscreen and a touch pen that works wonders in operating it smartly. The processor is powerful enough to give an excellent performance. Besides this, what makes it an ideal choice is the lightweight that enables you to carry it anywhere without difficulty. Its high-quality graphics quality lends exquisite clarity to the images.


  • 4th Gen processor
  • Excellent memory


  • Bit pricey

5. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

When it comes to the matter of buying a laptop that packs loads of features in its slim body, Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is the perfect choice to buy. The 35W 4900HS in the laptop is coupled with 16 threads, 8 cores, and a 3.0 GHz clock speed level. This tends to boost speed to 4.4 GHz. This laptop is meant to give you a high-quality performance and brilliant gaming experience. Moreover, it has a suave touchpad and keyboard that make overall functioning to be smoother. Its 14-inch screen comes with excellent resolution that displays clearer images.


  • Impressive performance
  • Matrix display
  • Spectacular features


  • Gets heated
  • Mid-ranged SSD

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6. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

The excellence of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme lies in its ability to create multimedia with advanced technology in hand. This laptop is a powerhouse of performance that supports 4k displays and Dolby vision. Its high-end processors make the laptop worthy of use. Moreover, the Dolby sound system offers enhanced volume without any distortion. What makes it a favorable choice is the all-day-long battery life that does not hamper you to attend conferences or seminars at a stretch over your laptop. Also, you can charge the battery to 80 percent in just one hour. This is the reason that Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme is highly appreciated by the IT professionals.


  • Bright and high-quality displays
  • Excellent finish and design
  • Full day battery life


  • Noisy fans
  • Oversaturated shades
  • Software glitches may happen

7. Dell XPS 13

All new Dell XPS13 takes innovation to the next level with a comfortable touchpad and keyboard. Apart from this, the laptop has a 10th Gen Intel Core processor and has 12 hours of battery life. Another good thing about this powerhouse laptop is that design. Indeed, the stylish aluminum finish with a glossy logo makes it even more appealing. Not just this; its keyboard is placed over the top of the deck, which leaves enough space for a specialized glass touchpad. Also, the laptop comes with a fingerprint reader embedded in the system that makes it secured.


  • Attractive chassis
  • Brilliant battery life
  • Fingerprint sensor


  • Less USB ports

8. Apple MacBook Air

Being the world’s most appreciated and loved laptop, Apple MacBook Air is an ideal choice of technocrats. Its incredible performance, customized technology, and power-packed efficiency have managed to gain recognition in the market. It has the best CPU in the market that adds to its overall performance. Not to forget its battery life that allows you to work throughout the day without worrying about charging it much. Moreover, Apple laptops are known throughout the world for their durability.


  • Lightweight laptop
  • Beautiful and clear display
  • Great battery life


  • Two thunderbolt 3 ports are insufficient

9. Acer Swift 3

Excellent features accessible at an affordable price have made Acer Swift 3 to be an ideal choice. It tends to set benchmarks through high-end performance and exquisite graphics. Moreover, 11 hours of battery life makes it worthy enough to be handled with excellence. In fact, the entire day battery will not hamper your meetings and conferences too. Not just restricted to such features; this laptop has a powerful processor that works wonders for the machine. In fact, it has earned fame for quality, durability, and affordability.


  • Great performance
  • Brilliantly multitasking
  • Swift keyboard


  • Indistinct display

10. Acer Chromebook Spin 713

With enhanced processing power, compatibility to the app store, and qualitative functionality, Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is a perfect machine for people looking for an affordable laptop. It is powered by extensive features that make your overall experience of conducting tasks to be great. This notebook gives a wonderful 2-in-1 form factor, which makes it much more qualitative as per the price tag. Moreover, it is quite durable for daily usage and powerful enough to compete with numerous full-fledged laptops. Not just limited to this; the machine has a great battery life as well that allows you to work throughout the day without worrying to recharge.


  • Speedy performance
  • Great battery life


  • Shallower keyboard
  • Dreary webcam

11. Asus ZenBook 13

It is one of the top-tier laptops that have extensive features and security options. Besides this, you get to have excellent durability as well. Taking note of the durability, it can resist drops, high temperatures, shocks, and extreme altitudes. Indeed, it has managed to surpass its competitors with a high-quality display. With 13-hour battery life, you will be able to attend long conferences without worrying about charging. The chassis in the ZenBook 13 is manufactured with pine gray aluminum alloy. Along with this, it comes with various ports and slots that allow you to connect external devices. This is not all; the laptop offers high-end performance that makes it worthy to purchase.


  • Powerful performance
  • Brilliant battery life
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Weak speakers
  • Display is bit dull
  • Does not have headphone jack

12. HP Spectre X360 14

It should be noted that the HP Spectre model is considered a luxury laptop for IT professionals. The 2-in-1 line-up aspect comes with an attractive chassis and a spectacular display. Well, this is not all as the laptop is equipped with long battery life and speedy performance. Sounds like a great example of a technically advanced device for professionals. Its features are good enough to keep the machine going and ensuring that you do not face problems at the time of working throughout the day. What adds to its demand is the decent number of USB ports that any professional would require on their laptop. This is the reason that such a laptop has made it to the favorite list of IT professionals for sure.


  • Stylish design
  • Brilliant OLED display
  • Great battery life


  • Bit costly


Laptops have become more of a necessity with everything getting digitalized. As things are more functional on the internet platform, the need for laptops has become mandatory for IT professionals. Be it presentation, drafting reports, making websites, doing coding, or maintaining data on the cloud network, every possible technological task can be operated with laptops. Moreover, their handy nature makes it easier to be carried from one place to another. No one wants to mess up their conferences, which calls for high-quality battery life in the laptops.     

It must, also, be noted that laptops are portable computing devices that can be carried anywhere. If you are working outside your office premises or have meetings at the client destination; then, having laptops will enable you to make presentations without any difficulty. Apart from this, they are easy to organize and store. It is quite contrary to the desktop that requires lots of space to keep. The laptops can be set easily and require lesser space to keep. As technology is getting easier to access, laptops are intended to take technological advancement to the next level for sure. Of course, this is one of the greatest things about laptops as they have the ability to make your official tasks simplified and much organized than thought. Isn’t it?

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