How to Choose a used Laptop?

Today, high-quality computer equipment is quite expensive, therefore, more and more often the consumer is inclined to buy a device that has already been in operation, since this will save a certain amount of money and, if you know how to choose a laptop, you can buy a fairly high-quality device and for this on the Internet there will always be detailed instructions and recommendations.

The main advantages of used devices:

Sufficiently high performance

Despite the rapid development of computer technology, notebooks, even five years ago, are practically not inferior to modern models in terms of performance. This technique shows itself perfectly, performing a standard set of everyday tasks with high quality, and if you choose the best used laptop of a well-known brand, then it can differ even in higher performance than new middle-class devices.

Good picture quality

Over the past seven years, all models have switched to LED-backlit screens, which has significantly improved the picture quality, so when buying a used laptop manufactured in 2012 or later, you can count on screen quality similar to modern devices.

High Upgradeability

For many models that were released even four years ago, you can easily pick up any components, which will allow you to increase the laptop’s RAM, if you wish, to purchase a new drive that can be reused.

Availability of a guarantee

when buying equipment in specialized stores, the client receives a guarantee of up to one month with a full check of the device. If desired and for an additional payment, you can extend the warranty period up to one year.

Well, and of course, an affordable price that allows you to buy a model of a popular brand is much lower than its modern new counterpart.

Used laptops have their drawbacks, given which you will know exactly how to buy a good one:

A short period of battery life

As a rule, the battery in such models has already passed its warranty period and without recharging such a laptop can work for a short time. But, you can always replace the old battery with a new one.

Insufficient choice of modern interfaces

he older the model, the greater the likelihood that it lacks the modern interfaces that the models of the latest release are equipped with. Usually, these are specific functions that are not widely used by the user, but those that exist are quite enough for full-fledged work.

The presence of external visible defects is small scratches on the case, scuffs that do not interfere with the operation of the device and are purely cosmetic defects.

Given this information and knowing how to choose a used laptop , you can easily find the right model.

Important hardware specifications

Before making a purchase, you need to know how to choose a technique. It is worth paying attention to all the parameters and, of course, to the factor – exactly how you plan to use the device. The set of required hardware characteristics also depends on the personal requirements of each client.

A quality laptop should have:

Installed operating system

Working matrix, without dead pixels

Productive processor

Working video card

Working fan for cooling the processor

The hard drive is in good condition

Battery in working order

Working USB ports, keyboard, touchpad.

All functions must be checked and evaluated by the laptop, even before buying, directly in the store.


If the device will work for a long time and perform complex tasks, it is necessary to have a powerful processor with high performance; at low loads, a standard one is sufficient. The optimal frequency is from 2 GHz. Better to choose processors from Intel.


The parameters of RAM for performing normal work are at least 4 GB, and for gaming devices this figure should be at least 8 GB. Modern laptops are designed to accommodate a possible increase in RAM if needed.


It is recommended that you select a device with sufficient total hard disk space. You can check the quality of the drive by moving the folder with files from drive C to drive D. If the hard drive is quiet, then everything is in order.

Video card

Modern models have two video cards – integrated – for standard tasks and discrete – to ensure high-quality performance of complex operations and graphics processing.

Laptop motherboard

Particular attention should be paid to the motherboard of the device, since this element is quite sensitive to mechanical stress and, if used carelessly, cracks can form on it, therefore, the part must be inspected for the presence and nature of external damage.

Optical drive

This function is tested for both writing and reading, for which it is better to take a DVD-RW disc, burn several small files on it and check the quality.

Laptop display

Pay attention to the brightness, the uniformity of the image across the entire screen, the absence of broken pixels, the viewing angle and the maximum resolution. In modern laptops with LCD screens, in used models, spots may appear that become noticeable only from a certain angle of view. This is a consequence of mechanical action on the matrix, which cannot be removed.

Buttons and Stickers

The keyboard and touchpad are checked with the text editor turned on, pressing both individual keys and several keys at once.


This part of the device wears out the fastest, therefore, for testing, you can use programs to check the laptop upon purchase, which load the computer as much as possible with tasks and track the discharge time.

Operating system and drivers

A high-quality laptop must necessarily have an installed operating system, as this allows you to fully check the device for hidden defects.

Users, even with basic experience, can easily download drivers using a special program.


The price of a used laptop falls in direct proportion to the period of its production and operation, but it should be borne in mind that the quality will also decrease. The best purchase option is a device with a life of one to two years, the cost is usually 30-40% lower than the market price, and the working condition meets all the requirements.

A set of tests, and tips that confirm the working condition of the equipment:

Visual inspection for visible defects, damage and scratches.

Checking the operation of the device when turned on – the absence of incomprehensible noises, the download speed, the purity of the image on the screen.

Normal keyboard operation – the keys are easy to press and should not sink.

The presence of all the parameters specified by the seller is checked with the computer turned on when the device manager starts.

Conducting stress testing using special programs, with which you can identify hidden problems.

Availability of working ports using a flash drive, connecting it to all USB connectors one by one.

Checking the device’s speakers – playing any audio file – the sound should be clear without interference.

The easiest way is to contact a specialized service center, where, for a certain amount, specialists will diagnose used laptops and reveal hidden defects.

For full-fledged work, it is desirable that the laptop be equipped with a working webcam, microphone and power supply from the same manufacturer. Also, if possible, it is worth checking how well the device sees the wireless Wi-Fi network and how quickly it connects to it. Everyone decides which laptop to buy new or used individually, but you need to know how to check a used laptop before buying.

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