5 Reasons why you should buy a laptop

1. Ability to work in the desired place at any time:

In advertising brochures, laptops are still portrayed as a tool for the mobile big business. But in fact, the mobility of a computer is very useful for any user – from a bank clerk to an ordinary student. Even if, thanks to mobility, the owner can only move with his computer within his apartment, changing his location depending on the time of day and the degree of activity of the household. For example, in the morning it is pleasant to work in a chair on the balcony, then move to your desk. Almost none of us have separate offices, so your desk in the afternoon is occupied by schoolchildren and you have to look for a new place to work. And if you have a laptop, it can become an armchair at the TV, a sofa, and you can even work with a laptop by saddling, excuse me, a toilet bowl. So it’s convenient to work with a laptop not only in the back seat of your own limousine. Although, of course, a laptop is good in a limousine, and on an expedition, and in many other situations, replicated on manufacturers’ flyers. 

2. Saving space

A traditional personal computer occupies, depending on the characteristics of the organization of the workplace, on average from one and a half to two square meters. A laptop in an idle state takes up almost no space. It can be placed on the same shelf where you store magazines or documents – after all, when folded, an upright laptop takes up even less space than, for example, an encyclopedia volume. And how much is two square meters of living space in a large city? Yes, more expensive than the laptop itself! That is, no matter how paradoxical it sounds, the laptop turns out to be economically beneficial for the user from the moment of purchase! I would like to note that large corporations realized this a long time ago and began to transfer not only top management, but also the middle management level, and a significant part of technical specialists to laptops. 

3. Comparable to the “desktop” cost For some reason, laptops are considered expensive hardware. Of course they are not cheap. The cost of a mobile system is comparable to that of a desktop computer. If, of course, we consider the cost of the latter, taking into account all the necessary equipment, which is “attached” to the “desktop” and “built-in” into the laptop: a monitor, a video card with an output to a regular TV, an uninterruptible power supply, keyboard, microphone, stereo speakers, infrared port , i. Link-interface, reader for flash-cards and coordinate device. 

4. Comparable functionality :

The laptop is as functional as a desktop system for all the most common applications. Let us explain this in a little more detail, because “popular rumor” says the exact opposite. It is believed that laptops are more difficult to equip with the necessary peripherals, but in reality this is not the case. Almost all mobile systems have expansion sleds on which you can install the desired drives.

If for some reason it is not possible to install the device inside the laptop, you can always connect it to the system via the USB interface. Inside the mobile system, you can also install a variety of cards, only made in the standard size of PC-cards (or SD, or MemoryStick – depending on the presence of the corresponding slots in the computer). Such solutions are presented in abundance: from GPS receivers and Ethernet cards to hard drives and GPRS modems. Until recently, laptops had serious complaints from music lovers and gamers, who complained about the impossibility of installing advanced sound and graphics solutions in a laptop.

With the release of the Creative Sound Blaster Extigy system, which is nothing more than an advanced sound card in external performance, music lovers – both music lovers and supporters of surround sound accompanied by DVD movies – have the opportunity to receive multichannel high-definition sound from laptops. quality.

Of course, video cards, which require a couple of additional fans to cool processors, will never be built into mobile computers, but there are not many such cards, and the number of gamers who are able to appreciate the beauty of such graphics solutions, Summing up the above, we can say that for the vast majority of users – with the exception of avid gamers working with automatic design systems and professional graphics – the functionality of a laptop and a mobile computer is almost identical. 

5. Kudos People’s consciousness lags behind the realities of the market. Although a laptop costs little more than a desktop system, it is still viewed by many as a symbol of senior management, prosperity and financial success.

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